Retail Lighting for Floral Display Cases


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Supermarket Floral Display Case Lighting

Supermarket Floral Display Case Lighting
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Retail grocery stores depend on visual appeal to draw consumer traffic. Farmers' markets, small roadside stores, and supermarkets most often place flowers in a welcoming location at the entrance to attract shoppers into the shop.

A diversity of colored cut flowers and flowering plants adds visual appeal and adds to the ever expanding list of consumer choices shoppers seek.

Maximize the impact of floral displays in your retail stores with Promolux International specialized lighting and draw customers with spectacular natural color.

Floral display cases indoor supermarkets require superior lighting that highlights the fresh natural floral colors to attract shoppers.

What Makes Promolux Outstanding?

Promolux Lighting International is well known for true balanced color rendering - specialty lamps that are essential for high impact lighting in retail markets.

Fresh flower displays play a powerful role to keep customers returning. Spectacular natural color rendering is what Promolux does best -- a simple way to bring attention to your floral display section and stimulate impulse sales. Install Promolux lamps to attract more attention to your flower displays.

What Makes Promolux Different?

The Balanced Spectrum technology built into Promolux lamps is a proprietary phosphor-coating that produces a natural, balanced light and filters out damaging ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths. Combine the merchandising advantages of superior illumination and spectacular color rendering with the added benefits of longer lasting flowers and reduced levels of harmful UV radiation.

Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Profitable

Everyday lighting products can work against you in your floral display department by failing to show off nature's full range of colors. In addition, premature fading and wilting are common problems when fresh flowers are displayed under high UV lamps with high heat output.

Achieving superior visual presention and extending the shelf life of fresh plants and flowers are both critical issues for retailers who rely upon high quality fresh and refrigerated displays to attract retail sales.

See article Hold On To Your Customers about floral displays and impulse sales.

Supermarkets using Promolux lamps find that sales increase in their floral display departments, frequently noticable in less than 90 days, and losses due to wilting and discoloration are reduced. You can expect an excellent return on your investment by installing Promolux lamps in your floral retail display cabinets.

Full Balanced Color

The last thing a flower retailer wants is fresh white flower displays to appear yellow or dull, and bright red flowers to look brownish. When general purpose supermarket fluorescent lamps are used for illuminating retail floral displays, the green and yellow wavelengths are over-emphasized and the red and blue wavelengths are shortchanged. Because Promolux high definition fluorescent lamps are color balanced, they are ideal for ambient and display case applications, while Promolux halogen lamps and spotlights provide safe and effective accent lighting.

Just compare the lighting effects of everyday lighting products with the full balanced color of Promolux for fresh plants, cut flowers and silk flowers:

Promolux is the best lighting for Floral Retail Display


Extended Shelf Life

Floral display cases must be brightly lit for optimal supermarket floral merchandising, yet hot spotlights can cause fresh flowers to wilt rapidly. Regular floral display case lighting radiates heat and ultraviolet radiation and, although heat and UV radiation are healthy for living plants, they accelerate organic decomposition of harvested flowers displayed for sale. You can be assured that Promolux balanced spectrum lighting brings out the full natural colors of fresh floral displays in supermarket cases.

UV radiation in floral display case lighting causes cut flower displays to release higher than normal levels of ethylene gas in a photochemical reaction and, like a domino effect, this ethylene gas causes other cut flowers in the supermarket floral display case to decay prematurely. Spring flowers and roses are particularly sensitive to light radiation. Promolux lamps help protect flowers displayed under lights with reduced heat and UV radiation emissions.

Why Promolux for your Supermarket Floral Displays? PROMOLUX true full spectrum lamps alleviate these floral display case lighting problems.

See more information for retailers

Promolux true full spectrum lamps alleviate problems arising from excessive UV radiation and heat and protect against color distortions in floral display case. Natural colors remain true with Promolux supermarket floral lamps, which emit lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting commonly found in retail florist stores, making these specialty floral display case lamps the perfect lighting choice for the floral marketing industry.

Promolux lamps can pay for themselves in less than 90 days

Supermarkets work hard to win customers and gain a competitive edge and must invest heavily in equipment, store design, merchandising, labor, electric power and advertising.

By comparison, find out how the cost of investing in Promolux lamps is proportionately insignificant.

Other supermarket applications include fresh meat and seafood displays, bakery and dairy displays, deli and food service displays, produce and beverage displays. The visual merchandising of displays, especially where superior color balance and protection of sensitive perishable foods are important, is best achieved using a premium quality light source like Promolux.

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